Perceived as necessary - to avoid problems

Perceived as necessary - to avoid worry

Perceived as necessary - to ensure quality cleaning

Why perceived?

Well, because while YOU may know, in fact, your cleaning company can consistently deliver worry free, quality cleaning...

it's important your customers and prospects believe it as well - seeing (perceiving) you and your cleaning business as UNIQUELY having the:

-guarantees keep them from 'having to worry' about 'experiencing problems' in their building or home.

What would that look like?

Well, it may consist of a handful of practical procedures you strictly enforce.

It may consist of specialized training program all of your cleaners are required to complete before they step foot in a client's office or home.

It may consist of a small but important set of guarantees that support your claims of superior service or reliability.

Then, it will consist of clearly and confidently explaining how your different in a way that ...convinces prospects and clients that 'they NEED you' - that you are NECESSARY.

You Can Do This - You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC

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