Some things in life defy logic.

For me, it's golf.

Seems the harder I try, the more effort I put into the swing - the better my shot should be.

Seems logical, but - it doesn't work.

Truth is, the harder I try, that's right, the more I 'grip it and rip it' - the worse things go.

Apparently, a good golf swing has MORE to do with learning and practicing a smooth, relaxed swing.

Unfortunately, let's just say - a slow, patient, relaxed and easy doesn't exactly come naturally to me.

So, like I said at the beginning, a lot of things in life and in business surprise you, some even defy logic.

In marketing, the importance of a P.S. is

like that.

That's right, a P.S. or Postscript used at the end of a marketing letter is very important.

But most people wouldn't think so.

Yep, most people think a P.S. is simply an afterthought - something simply added on to the end of a letter for the heck of it.


Check out what I'm saying. That's right, look it up online or in a reputable marketing book and I think you'll find it's absolutely TRUE.

In fact, some studies show the P.S. gets more attention than nearly anything else in your marketing piece - except the headline.

So, here's the tip - make it count.

That's right! Whatever you put in your P.S. make it powerful, make it work for you.

What could it be? Here's a couple ideas:

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