A while back, we talked about how the P.S. at the very end of a sales letter is one of the MOST read parts of the letter.

Seems make sense, at first. How can such a small thing, capture so much attention compared to the large body of the letter?

Call it human nature. Call it whatever you want - it just does.

In the same way, OTHER little things you do or say in your work with prospects and clients - seem to have a disproportionately BIG response.

Let's take a LOOK.

My car repair guy takes an EXTRA minute or two to carefully review everything the know about my car's maintenance situation, every time - even if I'm just getting an oil change.

My insurance guy goes a little ABOVE and BEYOND by making personal notes and suggestions on any report he give me. He could just had me the standard form - but he goes out of his to add personal comments, so it's easier for me to understand.

Bottom line - they each give a little something extra.

What is 'that LITTLE something extra' you can offer in your cleaning business to serve and impress your prospects and clients in a BIG way?

You can do this, you really can!


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