Before I reveal the secret, let me state the following:

1) The secret isn't limited to the cleaning industry

2) The secret isn't written on a 'stone tablet' - it's my opinion, based on my personal experience

3) It's not the only secret, just the one I believe is most important

Ok, that said, here it is - what I believe is - THE secret to having a successful partnership in the cleaning biz:

Sharing Common Principles

...rather than having similar personalities

That's it.

Put differently, business partners who hold similar values and share similar beliefs about important matters, like:

1) how people should be treated
2) how business should be conducted
3) commitment to persevere
4) commitment to quality, to excellence

... have a far greater chance of succeeding than those who don't - even if (maybe because) their personalities are quite different.

Here's the BIG thing...

It's remarkable how often you'll see successful business partnerships consisting of two (seemingly) VERY different people, based on personality.

One is analytical
One is outgoing

One is all about the numbers
One is all about the people

One is all about the systems
One is all about the feeling

Yet, if you dig deeper - you quickly realize a TWO important things:

1) They share the same vision, the same principles

2) They not only respect the other business partner despite the difference in personality, perspective and approach - but, actually

...find additional value in the perspective of their business partner BECAUSE OF their different personality and perspective and approach

That's it. It certainly helped Tony and me, I hope it helps you too.

You Can Do This - You Really Can, Dan

CleanGuru LLC

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