Sitting on my desk was a business card (A).

It was from an insurance agent who stopped by while I was out of the office.

No big deal, right?

Oh, wait a minute, did I mention, he had written me a personal note in blue ink on his calling card saying 'Do you have 30 minutes available March 5th?'

Well, that was a little different, sort of personal - took a little bit of effort.

So, I tossed the card in my desk drawer.

Two days later, I walked into my office and listened to a voice mail (B) from that same insurance salesman - explaining how he had stopped by a few days ago to introduce himself and left a note asking to set up a 30 minute meeting.

I deleted the message.

Minutes later, I booted up my computer only to find - this same salesman had now

left me an email (C)

Here is basically what it said....

My name is Steve Stevens. I am following up on a business card and voicemail message I left for you on Friday. I would like to set up a brief meeting.

I called this guy to let him come in to give his pitch.


Sure, perseverance. No doubt about it, his relentless approach showed he was a dedicated pro - but that wasn't all.

No, the other reason I responded is the something we can call the 'Power of the 3 Step Series.'

For years, successful marketers have been using this technique to maximize their response rates.

What is it?

Here it is in a nutshell:

A series of 3 properly timed and related marketing pieces - is more powerful than those same marketing pieces - NOT sent in a pre-scheduled series.

Let's take another look at the insurance salesman's approach. It wasn't necessarily a set of marketing letters but the steps he took do demonstrate the principle well.

Step 1 was a personal visit where he left a personalized message if he misses the decision maker.

Step 2 was an actual phone call, where if he misses the decision maker again, he leaves a voicemail message making a point to refer back to the fact that he stopped out a few days ago and left a card.

Step 3 was a personal email, where he refers back to the fact that he stopped out a view days ago and also left a voice mail message moments ago.

Can you see how the steps are set up as a series, and that he makes a point of tying them together as related steps by referring back to the previous steps?

Effective? You bet!

In fact, if my memory serves me, I recall reading reports suggesting response rates from steps 2 and 3 combined can often equal the response to step 1.

For example:

Step One: 5 %

Step Two: 3 %

Step Three: 2%

Lesson: Don't make the mistake of leaving "money on the table" by missing the power of a 3 step series approach in part of your overall marketing program.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


#1 Mike 2017-10-31 16:54
How did the salesman get your email address?

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