Not everything works well. No shame in that; it's how we learn.

The shame is in continuing to do the 'stuff' that's NOT.

The BIG reason it happens is - we don't take the time to take a close look at it.

So, what, you may ask - would taking a close look at it - look like?

Let's see, together...

Are you getting enough leads each month?

No? It may be time to re-tool your marketing.

Are you landing an acceptable percentage of the jobs actually bid on each month?

No? It may be time to check out your bidding, pricing and selling strategies.

Are your employees leaving faster than you can hire and train to replace them?

No? It may be time to review your approach to attracting, selecting, screening and training.

You get the idea. The list of questions is as long as the parts of running a cleaning business.

And, the biggest question of all may be, are we actually taking the time to ask the questions.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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