Go online and buy anything you want, anytime.

Go online and have what you want delivered in mere days, and, in some cases - for free.

Go online and compare every feature and price for nearly any product you want.

Go online and expect everything to be as easy as the 'push of a button'.

Maybe if you're talking about products, but you can't 'drop ship' cleaning using Federal Express. You just can't.

And, that's an important difference.

That's right, when it comes to services, like cleaning, with few exceptions - the work (service) is done by local people, folks nearby - different rules apply.

For example, while someone selling a widget ( does anyone say that anymore??), ok, a product - may be able to sell a huge number at low prices to the world,  someone selling cleaning needs to think and operate following a different set of rules.

Success in cleaning is accomplished more slowly, one brick (account) at a time, rather than in mass production and distribution, the way many products are sold.

Success in cleaning is about individuals, rather than masses.  The developing of staff and the care for clients is a one-on-one affair vs. an impersonal, online customer support faq one.

Success in cleaning isn't about the lowest price for the product based on getting huge numbers of people to buy, but rather -  delivering the highest value and delight to every client that buys, regardless of number.
The world is changing. As always, those changes are both good and bad.

Our job is to customize our service - cleaning, in a way that matches the truth - that cleaning is still primarily a local purchase, delivered by local people.

And, that's different than drop shipping a pair of shoes.  It just is.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!


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