Can you ELIMINATE the Price Objection in Cleaning?

By now, you know how important we feel it is to grab your prospect’s attention in your marketing.

And hopefully, you also remember we suggest you do that by creating a pre-set series of marketing steps which demonstrate to your prospect:

1) How you understand exactly WHAT they want,

2) How you know exactly HOW to get it, and

3) How you’ll GUARANTEE delivering it

It’s as simple as that, but, of course – it’s

not easy.

But, it’s worth it.

Now, speaking of ‘worth it’ – how do your clients see your PRICE?

How do they perceive or feel about the PRICE you charge?

Well, I wish I could tell you – once you’ve ‘cracked the code’ of learning what your prospects wants and how to get it that PRICE will no longer be an issue – and they’ll gladly pay whatever you ask without a fuss.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! So, here’s today’s truth:

Price isn’t everything, but it does have to be dealt with.

That’s right, it comes up as an objection – a hurdle.

Not necessarily a deal breaker, but it does need to be overcome.


Well, no matter if the person you’re dealing with is or is not the only decision maker, they still want to make sure this decision makes financial sense.

And, if they aren’t the only decision maker, they want to be prepared to defend their decision to ‘higher ups’ – to be able to have answers to give their boss about why they picked you.

Their necks are on the line too.

And they know those folks are going to ask about the money!

This isn’t an insurmountable problem, but you’ll likely have to tackle it.

In fact, the way to tackle the price objection reminds me of a how my son explains how a player should hit a soccer ball with their head called a ‘header’ shot).

He puts it this way, ‘You hit the soccer ball – you don’t let the soccer ball hit you!”

So, here we go… like hitting the soccer ball, we want to plan how we want to handle the PRICE objection with confidence.

We’ll talk about it in more detail next time. Until then, here’s a hint ‘Hit it – head on!’

Discover the Guru in YOU,



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