Can You Make A Lot More Money In Your Cleaning Business, Without a Lot More Work?

Is it really possible? Can you make a lot more money in your cleaning business…without a lot more work? Well, YES, just maybe! And in this fast paced video we explain how and why. So, ‘sit back and hang on’ because in this episode we reveal how an insider secret the ‘big guys’ know about big jobs vs. little jobs could be the difference between you having a fun, growing, and profitable cleaning company… and one that’s floundering and frustrating to run.

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Thanks for watching our video “Can You Make a Lot More Money in Your Cleaning Business… Without a Lot More Work?” but also be sure to check out our video, “Property Managed vs. Owner Occupied: Which Should Your Cleaning Business Target?” because we tackle that question head on; and the answer may surprise you.

Plus, we hope you continue to check out Dan’s weekly videos in the future to hear his latest ideas, tips and strategies ‘concerning things you’re concerned about’, such as how to bid cleaning jobs profitably. You’ll quickly discover practical keys about what it really takes to flip a cleaning company from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?


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Hi Antonio, you're more than welcome Antonio. There are several ways to create a targeted list of the kinds of companies you would like to direct your marketing to, from simply driving around your city/town and jotting down the company name and address of places that appear to 'fit the bill' and then go back to do research and/or make calls to get add'l info to confirm they are a good facility to pursue or not. Or, you may want to consider looking at online business list databases; some are available for free (by city), some need to be paid for like Dun and Bradstreet (Hoover's); In our cleaning business, we preferred sources that allowed us to filter by size, sic code, employee count etc. Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Dan, CleanGuru LLC

Antonio Johnson

The videos you supply weekly have been very informative for me. I have a new cleaning business and I have just realized this in real life. The issue I have is finding more of and closing the bigger jobs I do come across. I want to expose my company to some of the bigger jobs but not to sure how to do it consistently. Thanks for allowing us to see from a pro!


Julian, thanks for your note. Sounds like you're serious about growing your business based on the time/money invested in marketing efforts you're trying. I think the best thing I could do to help - is send you a FREE PDF of my book, Discover the Guru in You. In it, I try to explain, with examples, how important it is to have a highly compelling service offer - so that whatever marketing steps you find are most effective, they have a chance at being even MORE effective when it comes to attracting the kinds of accounts you're looking for. I'll send you the a FREE copy of my book as a PDF today. Wishing you much success, Dan

Julian Burrell

Hello Don, hoping all is well with you family and Teamate. I spoke to you about a month ago, I really like to watch your weekly videos I really don’t have a comment for you but I have questions for you seeking some assistant from a guru like your self. I have a cleaning business that I start 7 months now and at the moment obtaining customer seam a bit challenging. This is what I done so far to attract customers; I give out business card I run a radio commercial a bit off my google business add, I register with manta for 60 plus directory Facebook add instagram, website, am now I am working and getting a Sam registration complete I have a Dunn’s number. Any recommendations are critiques to improve my business welcome thank you for listening.