Cleaning Business Owner: Are You Too Needy? Part 1

No disrespect.

It’s really more of a business question, than a personal one.

Put another way, what message are you projecting to your prospects?

Think about it a minute.

Does the way you ‘do business’ (i.e. selling, customer service) send the message that you are a successful busy cleaning business owner or not?

Well, if you are like many well-intentioned janitorial or residential cleaning contractors, you may be sending a quite different message than the one you’d like to.

It’s an easy trap to fall in to.


Well, because among other reasons, from a very early age we are taught to be helpful, generous, and available to others in need – and those are all good qualities!

But, and this is a big BUT

, you have to careful in an effort to be helpful, available and generous, you don’t ‘come across’, you know, ‘position yourself’ as – too needy and too desperate!

What do I mean? Let’s take a closer look…

What if, for example, you called your doctor, and after it rang just once they personally answered the phone.

Yeah, I’m talking about your doctor actually taking the call and personally helping you to schedule your appointment!

What would you think of that?

Try to avoid answering too quickly with a knee jerk response of, ‘Great, I’m glad they’re so available.  I’m thrilled they can take every one of my calls personally.’

Really? Is that really what you would think?

Or might you instead actually wonder, ‘What the heck is going on here?’

‘If my physician is a busy, highly educated and trained professional, how could he possibly have enough time to be taking my call – personally?’

What message might he or she actually be sending?

Same thing for an attorney.

What if you needed expert legal advice, called the legal office, and the attorney actually answered the phone greeting you with ‘Hi,what can I do for ya’ today?’ .

Now, it might be that in both cases, the doctor and the attorney, are actually excellent, highly qualified professionals.


But the point is; what marketing message does it send to current and prospective clients, when a busy, professional cleaning expert- appears to be too helpful, too generous and too available?

It can be unsettling – and it’s something to think about.

Let me start by saying, I am not suggesting you provide less than quality follow up to prospects or less than good customer service to current clients.

What I am suggesting is to consider changes to your cleaning company’s selling approach, marketing systems and customer service practices to project a professional, but not too needy image.

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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