Cleaning Business Success: 1-2 PUNCH

I see it all the time.

I go out to meet someone in charge of hiring the janitorial cleaning company for a building.

It can be grumpy Gary, the general manager at an auto dealership, or bored Brenda the office supervisor at an insurance company.

It doesn’t matter which one. If our Gary or Brenda are unhappy with their cleaning, or just ‘going out for bids’, here’s an almost guaranteed way to get these grumpy or bored prospects EXCITED about you and your cleaning company.

Drum roll please…

..bring them something

competitive & credible! It’s as simple, and as difficult as that.

What do I mean?

Well, the competitive part is simple to understand, isn’t it? When it comes to being competitive, it’s pretty clear to nearly everyone by now that office cleaning budgets have never been watched more closely!

And as far as being credible, I think we all also understand that you can deliver the most competitive cleaning bid in the world, but if the prospect doesn’t believe you can actually deliver what you promising – you’re sunk!

Oh, by the way, let’s go back to competitive again. Let me be clear about something.

I didn’t say lowest price, I said competitive! And there’s a big difference.

We don’t now, and never have played, the ‘We’re the cheapest guys in town’ game and suggest you don’t either.

It’s a losing strategy as far we’re concerned.

No, instead, we suggest being ‘competitive’.

And a competitive cleaning proposal is one that is fairly priced for the market – for the level of service you’re offering.

And if you are offering a high quality commercial cleaning or residential maid service (which you should be) well, than – you need to be priced accordingly. (profitable)

Interestingly enough, many cleaning contractors may be surprised to learn how often the ‘higher price for higher quality’ guy outperforms the ‘lowest possible price’ guy when it comes to landing sales!

The difficult part is learning HOW to create a cleaning company that over-delivers VALUE to the customer to justify those higher prices!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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I’m interested in buying a franchise commercial cleaning business. I live in Rifle, Colorado. Do you cover this territory?