Could Ice Cream Biz Hold KEY to Success in Cleaning Biz?

There’s a place that sells soft serve ice cream near where I live.

Don’t ask me how I know…. lol

Anyway, in the last 2 or 3 summers, they’ve been booming with business with people are lined up from 10 in the morning until late at night.

And that’s seven days a week, all summer long.

Now, there’s another place that sells soft serve ice cream not too far away from the first place.

But, their story is quite different.

You see, they used to get everybody to come to them, baseball teams – everyone!

Not any more.

They’ve gotten so slow in the last year or two, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut down completely –while the other ice cream shop is, like I said, booming.


I mean – they’re both in the exact same business.

They’re located just 10 minutes from each other – both in good locations.

So, really, what’s up?

Well, to make it quick – the short answer, from what I can see is one has a business model that WORKS – and the other doesn’t!

The successful outfit serves up huge portions of ice cream … MUCH more than you would expect!

Customers ‘eyes get as big as saucers’ when they are handed their precious ‘cargo’, I mean, order.

…or at least, that’s what I’ve been told!

Anyway, I forgot to tell you one other important bit of information….

Their prices are higher – that’s right, a lot higher than the other ice cream shop. But you know what?

You guessed it – People don’t seem to care! That’s right, at least so far – their business model of over-delivering the creamy treats has hungry customers feeling more than willing to buy – and, to at least temporarily ignore any concerns they may have had about price.

Is it a fluke?

Well, it may be.

And if you instantly dismiss it as, just that, a ‘fluke’. .. then, that’s likely all it every will be for you – and you could completely miss a golden opportunity.

But, if you see it as possibly an example of a business model, then, you may have just found a possible ‘blueprint’ to success.

Notice I said possible – more investigation is definitely in order.

For example: Do the numbers make sense? Does the strategy of large portions offset by high prices result in a net profit far beyond the other guy’s strategy or not?

But that’s not really the main lesson, anyway.

The main lesson is mind-set.

Look with ‘eyes of opportunity’ so you don’t too quickly dismiss stories about successful businesses as one-time ‘wonders’ or flukes that don’t apply to the cleaning business.

They may actually be a real-life example of a winning business model waiting for you to learn and profit from.

Because, this idea isn’t necessarily just about ice-cream stores, is it?

No, it works for janitorial cleaning companies too.

It’s not hard to do the ‘math’:

Find someone who has run, or is still running, a janitorial cleaning company that’s succeeding in all the important ways you’re looking for including:

1. Delivering a reliable service,
2. Keeping a professional level of quality, and
3. Maintaining a sparkling reputation… and, of course,
4. Enjoying good sales growth and healthy profits….

…and then study their ‘business model’, it may not be a fluke at all!

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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