Deliver NOTICEABLE Cleaning!

Here’s the question:

How can you deliver cleaning that delights your customer –

at prices that delight you?

Now, THAT is an interesting question, isn’t it? To find the answer, let’s look at two things:

First, what kind of cleaning delights clients?

Here’s a few examples that come to mind….

-When they see their offices, just after you take over the cleaning of the building and see the terrific result of your detailed initial cleaning.

Right? Right.

-When they walk in first thing in the morning and see

that all the tile in the building has just been completely stripped and refinished.

Right? Right.

-When they come in on Monday to find all the carpeting has been completely cleaned and deodorized.

Right? Right.

So, what do all these DELIGHTFUL situations have in common?

The difference in cleaning was NOTICEABLE – the kind of difference the customer couldn’t help but see.

Well, you might be tempted to say – that’s obvious.

So, why am I taking all this time to point it out.

Well, think about this…

Is it possible that much of what determines whether a customer is delighted with the cleaning (and therefore the cleaning company) comes from… drum roll –whether or not they NOTICED it!?

Take a minute to read that last sentence again. (You want to really let that sink in for a moment.)

But, it shouldn’t really surprise us too much if we think about it. Isn’t it really just ‘human nature’?

And we know how powerful that is!

Consider THIS:

Isn’t it the same reason why our moment of greatest joy in getting a gift is often felt – just as we’re ripping off the paper and opening the box…

quickly followed by less and less ‘delight’ as begin to quickly lose our interest in it as we toss it aside with all the other gifts?

It’s ridiculous. It’s sad. And, I wouldn’t even bring it up, other than:

1. It’s often true.


2. We can learn from it.

That’s right, we can discover some important insights and valuable strategies by studying it.

Let’s end with this question:

How can we take what we’ve learned today to deliver incredible, delightful, NOTICE-eable cleaning?

Next time, we’ll take a look.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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