DISNEY-fy Your Cleaning Business!

Everyone offers cleaning.

But, few businesses, including cleaning companies, offer an EXPERIENCE to their clients.

DISNEY does.

Disney designs, offers and delivers an EXPERIENCE, a dramatic, compelling and scripted show everyday .

It starts when you open the DISNEY doors and it’s not limited to the productions performed on the theater stages.

Nope – in the world of Disney, it’s not just scheduled performances by talented singers and dancers – it’s virtually anything and everything you see, hear or experience in your time there.

Everyday, anytime, everywhere.

ALL of the employees are ‘Cast Members’, not just the recognizable characters like Mickey or Cinderella – but virtually everyone.

So, whether the employee is cleaning, operating rides or simply providing visitors with directions – they’re all ‘Cast Members’.

The whole day, everyone involved, everything down to the smallest detail – is all part of the ‘show”; all part of that incredible, unforgettable Disney EXPERIENCE.

Now, we come to us.

How can we create an EXPERIENCE for our clients and future clients? How can we DISNEY-fy our cleaning businesses?

How can we create an experience when delivering our service that goes beyond just cleaning to something approaching – DELIGHT!!

More than likely, like Disney, it won’t be simply one BIG thing, but instead – a million little things, all working together to send a clear, strong message.

The message and the experience you want to deliver will likely – NOT be exactly the same as Disney.

Maybe less to do with fun and excitement and more to do with CONFIDENCE and PEACE OF MIND.

But, some parts of the message could be the same – principles like QUALITY and TRUST.

What kind of MESSAGE you wish to send and what type of EXPERIENCE you want to create is, of course, up to you.

It’s easy to imagine things like dramatically strict ‘attention to detail’ in everything you offer OR ‘over the top’ customer service – but that’s just a start.

The ways we can tackle this challenge are endless; limited only by our IMAGINATION.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!


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