DTM – Dump the MIDDLE-men!

WHEN you can, IF you can  – Dump the MIDDLEmen.

And, who are these MIDDLEmen?

They’re the national management outfits (NMO’s) who see their job as little more than landing big accounts at discount prices – and then as fast as possible subbing out the ‘in the trenches’ work of cleaning to local janitorial businesses  – in deals providing insufficient cleaning hours or profit for the sub!

They’re the franchises who forget to offer real support to franchisees but somehow – never forget to collect royalties!

They’re the online retailers entering the ‘on-demand services’ market who provide little more than a place  for consumers to find and schedule cleaning – for a ridiculously hefty fee!

Ok, I’ll reluctantly grant you.. not all NMO’s, franchises or ‘online, on-demand services sites –  are bad.

But, here’s the thing.

 Many ‘hold the contract’ the cleaning contract – not you.

Many hold the position or primary contact to the client  –even though YOU’RE doing the cleaning

And, ALL have their ‘hand in your pocket’ in one way or another – put differently – they ALL want a cut of the sale.

Some cleaning jobs secured through MIDDLEmen work out – some don’t.

Either way –

1) Being the primary contact to clients, 2) holding the contract and 3) having the full operational control of the job – are the KEYS to delivering pride and financial reward to the cleaning business owner.

Increasingly, the HOLDING of those ‘KEYS’ by local, independent cleaning business owners – is in jeopardy.

I know, DTM – ‘Dump the MIDDLEmen – may sound harsh’, but, hopefully it sends a ‘clear warning’ to cleaning business owners to:

Discover or if necessary, re-discover, the importance of finding, landing and managing cleaning contracts – on their own.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!



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Hi Jermaine, I think you're on the right track when you explain you're trying to land your own contracts. I'll send you a free copy of a book I wrote where I share the ways my business partner and Tony marketed our cleaning services to try to add new business. Wishing you all the best, Dan

Jermaine strother

My name is Jermaine Strother and I presently own a small cleaning company, Exceed Commercial Cleaning Service LLC and the majority of the buildings I clean are subed out by the companies you mention in the above article.Im working to try and land my own contracts so I can slowly one at a time hand them back their buildings. Any advice on this subject is welcomed.

Jonathan McLeod

Yes I would Love to get rid of the middleman they are crooks.


You're welcome Tony! Yep, only makes sense if the 1/time (hours) and 2/ money make sense. Wishing you all the best, Dan

Tony Bonilla

Thanks Dan. This was me when I started.


You are 100% right. Those greedy rats bid low ball and try to sell for peanuts contractors, they just flip the coin for profit .