Do Customers REALLY Want ‘White Glove’ Cleaning?

Perfect Cleaning? Is that what your customers want? You might think so if you’d listen to and believed some of your wacky competitors who boast about “We’ll never miss a trash….EVER!” or “We still have our FIRST customer!” or “Take the “white glove’ test…. your current janitorial company might fail it ….but we wouldn’t!”. Uh-huh, sure. Frankly, we’re not buying that load of malarkey and suggest that your customers aren’t either! But, if that’s NOT what customers want… what exactly is it that they do want?

Fair question. And before you’re done watching this episode we’ll tell you what they really want and how you can begin to give it to them.

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Hey John, you're more than welcome and I'm happy to hear you've found useful ideas (and hopefully encouragement) from my emails and videos, Wishing you all good things, Dan


Hi Dan, Thanks for taking the time to make these videos, great marketing! We've been in business for 30 plus years in Ontario Canada and I love learning new things every day and I'm not afraid to say I've learned a few things from your videos. Keep up the good work.