Do People Instantly Associate Your Cleaning Business with SomeThing?

It can be simply SOME-thing like….

The cleanest, sharpest company vehicles

The brightest colored, most professional uniforms

The catchiest, coolest company name or logo

And, all of those THINGS are fine. They can help.

But, the next, and even more important question is:

Do Your Prospects and Customers Instantly Associate Your Cleaning Business with SOME-thing IMPORTANT?

Here we could be talking about…

how YOUR cleaning business guarantees customers will get the number of cleaning hours they were promised (budgeted) – every week

how YOUR cleaning business starts every new account with the only latest and best hi-tech cleaning equipment

how YOUR cleaning business has the most polite staff, who always wear a professional uniform and always have someone who ‘touches base’ with the contact each visit

How YOUR cleaning business always leaves a short, clear QC inspection each visit on the contact’s desk

These are just a few ideas, a few potentially IMPORTANT things you might like people to instantly associate with your cleaning business

The important thing is – realizing the value in thinking about this issue and taking action to implement your strategy.

You Can Do This – You Really Can, Dan
CleanGuru LLC


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Hi Lino, thanks for your note! Having a message driven marketing program that follows a pre-set schedule can be an effective step in getting your prospective clients to associate your janitorial company with certain important 'things' like quality, reliability, top notch customer service etc. Be sure to check out our free resources at Wishing you much success in your cleaning business, Matt, CleanGuru Support


so? how they can associate instantly?