Do You Ever Feel Like A Punching Bag?

Do you ever feel like a punching bag… in your cleaning business?

Well, if so, you’re not the only one, because that’s exactly how we felt.

Let me tell you our story….

For too many exhausting years, our cleaning business “pounded” on us, every day.

It was bad.

Tony and I were just barely making it, many times needing to use credit cards just to cover the payroll and monthly bills!

We ran around like crazy during the day trying to get more account, and then turned right around and cleaned until late at night.

Yep, you guessed it, we had to race right back to work early the next morning, to fix problems, at the accounts we didn’t have time to check the night before!

And there were always

problems. But, we thought, “if we just worked hard enough”, it would somehow make us successful.

It never did!

…and we’ve often wondered, “how many other people were stuck just like we were, working like a dog, but just barely getting by?”

And why?

Probably because, just like us back then, they simply don’t know WHAT things to change, HOW to change them, or even WHERE to start.

Back to the story; Well, if just hoping our hard work would make us successful didn’t work, what did?

Well, here it is. We finally did discover the hard-to-find secrets to 1. Getting Accounts, 2. Staying Profitable, and 3. Having FUN in the cleaning biz!

Hint: the secrets aren’t what you might think!!

For several years, we told only a few people, mostly just “close friends” in the cleaning business.

Then something changed!

We got sick and tired of seeing cleaning contractors, just like us, desperately struggling, just to survive in today’s world of low balling franchises and empty promising national cleaning outfits – especially when it doesn’t have to be that way!

We decided – we had enough!!

That’s right! Now, we’re on a mission to ‘level the playing field’, so you too, can begin to compete and win against the “big guys”!

We’re eager to give YOU the keys to getting a fast growing, profitable cleaning business ASAP!!

But, first, before we start, we should be clear – we’re definitely NOT for everybody.

If you’d rather do things the hard way, and are perfectly willing to spend the next 20 yrs. slowly and painfully trying to learn how to pick up a handful of accounts along the way, we’re probably NOT for you.

And if your satisfied with how fast you are growing and how much money you’re making now, then we’re definitely NOT what you’re looking for.

And if you’re not open to change, or easily offended by new ideas, explained in a direct, pull-no-punches approach, then we’re probably not going to be your cup-of-tea!

Feel free to look elsewhere…no hard feelings.

But, if you DO want to get your hands on the stuff that really works – and if you’re ready to start NOW to quickly create a FAST growing and PROFITABLE cleaning business… then, you’re definitely in the right place!

What you’ll hear may surprise, or occasionally shock you, but it may also be, just what you’ve been looking for!

Each week, we’ll reveal tips, ideas and strategies to help flip your cleaning business from painful to profitable!

And that’s important – because it sure isn’t any fun when it’s not profitable!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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Thanks Terry for sharing your comment, your honesty is refreshing. Too often we hear, or want to hear, the quick, big money stories. However, if Tony and my story and your story are any indication, for a lot of cleaning companies, success in the cleaning business can sometimes be a much longer and more difficult journey. Change is inevitable, some of it is good, exciting and can help us to be successful - faster, some can hurt more than it helps. But, the perseverance you showed by working for years to learn the lessons you needed to learn and overcome the challenges you needed to overcome - is something you can rightfully feel proud of. Any success now coming from that work - is something you definitely earned, and I hope you enjoy much of it now and into the future. Dan

Terry Bilder, been in the business for 23 years and in the last few started to decent money

Michael Eubanks

Going through growing pains.


Hey,been in this situation for a long time. I got about 15 years left in this business and would love to pass it in to my son so yes i need to know. Thanks!