Does Your Janitorial Business Prefer to Clean Property Managed or Owner Occupied Buildings?- Part 2

Last time, we looked at the pro’s and con’s of cleaning property managed buildings.

Today, let’s look at owner-occupied ones.

It’s probably obvious, but worth saying just to be clear, that these are buildings where the owner of the building actually uses some or all of the building to run their own company.

And that difference makes a big difference when it comes to cleaning.

As you can imagine, the owner of a building who actually uses (occupies) the building to run their own business generally takes a great deal of pride in the daily appearance of their building.

This isn’t just some

passive ‘investment’ to them, but rather, something that tells their employees, customers and community a lot about them – good or bad.

And so, of course, it’s natural this makes a great deal of difference when it comes to the value they place on cleaning.

What may have been quickly dismissed as too much to spend on cleaning by a property manager, – may be much more easily approved by a person who actually owns AND occupies.

That’s right, the owner occupier wants their building to say something very positive the kind of person they are and the kind of business they run.

They want the cleanliness of the building to say…
1. ‘This guy runs a tight ship!’
2. ‘This guy shows an attention to detail.’
3. ‘This guy has a commitment to quality.’

Bottom line: Owner occupied buildings are seen as a clear reflection of the owner.

And as a result, the QUALITY message gets through more often in the case of selling to an owner occupied building.

And just as importantly, the connection between PRICE and QUALITY, get through more often in the case of selling to an owner occupied building.

So, yeah, we like ’em.

We like bidding them.
We like landing them.
We like cleaning them.
And we like keeping them!

We didn’t take them for granted, and suggest you don’t either. They really are gems!

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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