Does YOUR Office Need A New Cleaning Company?

I hope not.

Instead, I hope the way your office or building looks is a shining example of the very best your company can deliver.

But if it isn’t… it should be.

Really, it’s just ‘not ok’ to deliver quality cleaning to your clients, and then have your office look like a ‘frat house’ on a Sunday morning…. after a Saturday night!

I read somewhere that General Schwarzkopf had said that polished shoes, that’s right, polished shoes,were critical to success in his mind.

The idea being if you start allowing yourself to deliver less than the best, it’s more likely you’ll deliver less than the best at other times… as in times of war or other crisis – when you can least afford to do so!

Fortunately, the opposite is also true.

That’s right, when it came to the appearance of our office we followed the old saying, ‘Look sharp – be sharp!’

And went as so far as to

advertise the point!

That’s right, we had a marketing piece with a photo of our office building and a huge headline that challenges the reader with the following question:

“Would YOUR Current Cleaning Company Be Comfortable If YOU Stopping By, Unannounced, To See The Cleanliness Of THEIR Office?”

Yeah, that got their attention!

And went on, of course, to invite them to stop by to see our building anytime!

We made what other companies saw as a ‘pain in the neck’ namely, taking care of their own facility – into a competitive advantage!

You can too!

One final thought, forgetting completely about the amount of positive marketing ‘mileage’ you can generate with this strategy, think about this:

What affect do you think having your office looking ‘sharp as a tack’ has on applicants that come in to your office and employees as they head out of your office for a night of cleaning?

You know the answer.

So, don’t miss out on all the benefits of having a spotlessly clean and well maintained office, especially when you already know a cleaning company that can handle the job!!

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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