Easy Cleaning Business Networking

You know traditional networking.

It’s the ‘go to a business event, stand around and awkwardly introduce yourself to others who are trying to do the same thing’ process.

It’s understandably painful for many.

The ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ crowd would simply tell you to ‘get over it’, ‘get used to it’ or explain all the logical reasons why it’s a necessary part of owning a business.

‘Push through the pain’ seems to be the mantra.

And, in their defense, there is some truth in the encouragement that – it gets better with time.

It often does.

But, that kind of glib advice isn’t offer much practical help to those who struggle with the process.

However, there are strategies to help lesson the pain and increase the likelihood of having positive ‘networking’ experiences.

Today, we’ll look at one. It’s THIS….

cultivating a genuine interest and appreciation in others.

Put differently, it’s looking for something good, unique, exceptional, admirable in another – and then letting them know you noticed!!

It’s really that simple.

While many traditional ways of networking focus on sharing name, rank and serial number types of information about one’s company and product/service….

again, this “other’ approach asks us simply to LOOK for things, qualities you find interesting or exceptional in others…

oh, and of course, being wiling to let them know you observed it and appreciated it.

It can be as simple as complimenting your waiter or waitress on their exceptional service – which strikes up a nice conversation, which may lead to a friendship – which may lead them to referring you to someone looking to change cleaning services.

It may also mean putting them in touch with a recruiter you think might help them in the pursuit of career move they mentioned they were interested in making.

It works both ways.

It can be anyone you meet in your day, from the most formal business setting to the most normal, daily related activity such as shopping.

People are people. People know other people.

And, when you are looking for positive things in others, identify them – and then let a person know about it – it can be an easy and encouraging way to meet all kinds of people.

Conversations turning into mutual respect and friendship.

And, that turning into finding ways to help the other person in achieving their goals and aspirations.

And, isn’t that really what good networking is all about?

Remember… You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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