Finish Your Cleaning Business Pitch – STRONG

Most people start out strong when talking about their cleaning company, but many end up sounded less sure and less confident at the end. That doesn’t inspire confidence.

Check out today’s fast paced video, where Dan shares two personal stories that illustrate how selling that starts out compelling can quickly lose much of its power when speakers become weak and unconvincing at the end.

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Hi Gary, I'm sorry to hear you’ve been losing bids recently. 'Why you didn't get it?' or 'What you could have done differently?' are definitely challenging questions and finding the real answers are sometimes hard to 'pin down'.
However, here are just a couple things to consider:
1) Work closely with your prospect to get accurate bldg info about exactly which areas need to be cleaned and what needs to be done; it could help keep price competitive
2) Give yourself as many opportunities (conversations) as possible to build trust with the Prospect.
3) Maintain a strong list of references to provide proof of your ability to deliver what you promise means a lot to building owners and property managers
Hope these ideas help
Best regards,.
Matt, CleanGuru Support
PS while you tried our software years ago, we continue to update and improve our janitorial software and would love to see you back with us again.


I am losing bids more frequently than not. I have tried your software early on a few years ago. I have tried simple sq. ft. formulas. I acquired my most recent accounts by simply estimating time from experience and bidding between $35.00-$45.00 per hour and that was seeking the best method but now I'm coming in high ava losing accounts this way.I do not want to work for little to nothing just to secure more accounts to say I have them. But I've lost a few that I really wanted. Any tips on bidding and selling ??