From ‘Can’t Get Enough Jobs’ to ‘Can’t Find Enough People’ in the Cleaning Business

It’s funny, not in a ‘haha’ way’ of course, but in more of – ‘it’s interesting’ way.

You know the feeling –

how one year the problem is an economy so tight it’s hard to find and land profitable jobs – to the another when things the business is growing so fast …

you could grow like crazy, but you can’t find and keep enough qualified people to clean.

Either way, it’s a problem. However, either way – it may be an opportunity.

Here’s how….

When it’s hard to find profitable jobs, it can be the time to ‘sharpen your marketing message’.

For example – creating really UNIQUE differences in how you do – what you do…. can be THE thing that attracts those few, highly desirable clients that everyone is ‘fighting’ over.

When it’s hard to find and keep enough people, it can be time to ‘sharpen your internal ‘marketing’ for attracting and bonding quality people to you and your company.

For example, creating really UNIQUE differences in how you creatively and authentically – advertise, interview, engage, entertain, bond, train, motivate, acknowledge, reward and listen.

The cycle of ‘not enough jobs’ and ‘not enough people’ like most other challenges – can be an valuable opportunity if we can see past the pain and frustration.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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Well yes, but it's what the customer wants to pay to determine what you can pay your employee enough money to stay there to do actual cleaning instead of trash & dash cleaning competitors.

Everybody wants a cheap price, that drives more illegal immigrants in the cleaning industry. So my suggestion is fair competition being going to the legislature to amend a State janitorial license in your state so the consumer and the cleaning business have a fair playing field from each other.