Getting ‘Flak’ in Your Cleaning Business? You May Be ON TARGET!

People don’t always LOVE change, do they? Nope – it can be hard to implement new ideas and strategies, and when you do – you can definitely ruffle a few feathers. However, very often the amount of resistance or ‘flak’ you get from your staff, managers or employees is in direct proportion to the importance of the new strategy and the potential value it can bring to your cleaning business.

Before you’re done watching this video episode you’ll hear why it’s important to communicate, train and listen to your people, but why it’s also so important to be strong and ‘stick to your guns’ when it comes time to make changes designed to make things better for you, your employees and customers.

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Hey Willem, good to hear from you! Yes, right along with 'creating the best/ right systems' is 'building the best/right team' is job 1. Wishing you all good things, and congrats on that recent hole in one, that's got to be fun/exciting!! Haven't had one yet myself, but am finally learning to 'swing with ease' vs. trying to 'kill' the ball. It helps...better results and better for my I'm not 35 any more : )

Willem Flach

Hi Dan! Always love your videos but this one in particular is very relevant. Cleaners like children, will crawl through a hole if they can find one. It’s unfortunate but it’s often why they are followers rather than leaders. But that’s our job - to plug the holes. Sometimes people leave because they don’t like being accountable for their pay check. And that’s just fine by me. If they stay they can do far more damage. Hope all is well in your life.