Go BEYOND Expected in Your Cleaning Business

How many pages does the report have to be?

What’s the earliest I can leave?

How far do I have to go?

When we ask what the LEAST we can do is, in any endeavor, we don’t have to look far to explain why we’re quickly tired and bored.

It’s the attitude in which we approached the work.

In fact, rather than minimize pain, seeking the very least expected – often increases the pain and how long it lasts.

When we do only what HAS to be done,

when we work for only the LEAST time required,

we completely MISS the incredibly Power, Fun and Results that can come from …

1) doing MORE, 2) going BEYOND what’s simply expected by others.

When we move to higher ground – challenging ourselves do MORE, sometimes MUCH more than what is expected … we can find a well of power to draw strength from.

When we take back control from others and instead, by make projects a personal challenge rather than a burden,

When we take ownership of the situation,

we can often expect to find incredible feelings of OWNERSHIP and PRIDE.

And, those feelings can bring the FUN and FUEL we need to feel motivated to:

– make twice the number of calls
– send twice the number of marketing piece
– make twice the number of building visits…

not because someone told us we had to but because – WE WANTED to.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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