When you go in to fix a problem in your cleaning business…
Knowing WHAT you want to solution to do BEYOND simply fixing the problem.
Many solutions can fix a problem…
finding the best solution based on your overall vision can be more challenging…

but, ultimately more rewarding.

For many (not all) owners of cleaning companies, the best answer is  –
one where, once the plan/solution is put in place, they are NOT needed to keep the problem fixed.
But, you often wouldn’t know it.
Here’s why  >>>


Too often, the fix many cleaning business owners use to solve today’s problem – leaves them still involved in the daily process moving forward.

It can be:

 -How supplies will be inventoried, ordered and stocked
– How employees will be screened, interviewed & trained
– How accounts will be inspected
– How marketing will be sent out and followed up on
– How bids will be priced and proposals created
– How jobs will be regularly checked for profitability
The list is endless.
Whether you feel you want to be a necessary part of the ongoing strategy for any of the above responsibilities and if so to what degree – is up to you

Nothing wrong with wanting to stay directly tied to many of the day in and day out responsibilities of running a cleaning company – if that’s what you want.
Then, plan your fixes accordingly.
But, if your desire is to put in place systems allowing you to monitor progress in most areas of your company without being an integral part of the daily solution/procedure or system….
then, the answers will need to be different.
The answers may take longer to put in place because you may need to identify and train others to handle a variety of responsibilities for you.
But, the end result may be very rewarding for you, while providing valuable growth opportunities for your team.
You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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