Golden Rule for Selling Success in the Cleaning Business

Here’s what you absolutely MUST know if you hope to be successful – selling cleaning services:

Drum roll please… the answer is…

What They (Your Prospects) WANT.

You see, the cleaning business grave yard is filled with failed companies who desperately tried to make their prospect buy:

What thought their customer needed

rather than…

What the customer said they wanted

‘Know it all’ or ‘ I know better than you’ business owners can quickly find themselves digging their own graves…

if they think they can talk their prospects into buying nearly anything – if they say it loudly and confidently enough.

Ok, you may know more about cleaning than your prospective client – chances are you do, maybe a lot more.

But that doesn‘t mean you can – talk them in to accepting every part of YOUR cleaning plan for them.

They know their

business. They know their finances.

Sure – working WITH THEM to find a plan that comes as close to the one you’d like to see them choose – while also falling in line with ‘What they WANT’ (or can afford) isn’t always easy.

The reality is – it’s the ongoing challenge of selling cleaning services to both commercial janitorial accounts as well as residential, house cleaning ones.

Now, if the plan they WANT doesn’t meet your minimum requirements for quality or frequency of service (so you wouldn’t be proud or profitable to deliver it) then, by all means –

DON’T do it.

It doesn’t make them necessarily wrong or bad.

They may just be the kind of client that’s NOT right for your cleaning company to service.

By the way, why don’t we ask what people – prospects and customers – WANT?

Well, it can be simply carelessness or laziness – we just forget to ask. But, there’s other reasons.

You may think you already know what the customers want.

But do you? Let’s take a look.

What if you thought you knew your prospects wanted to save money on cleaning – so you started to offer a plan with fewer days of cleaning…

but, to your surprise, after asking, you found out they wanted to save money NOT by cleaning fewer days, but by cutting out a handful of tasks they felt their own people could handle.

Another reason we may resist asking our customers is embarrassment.

Yes, embarrassment.

We may feel the customer will think less of us if we have to ask them what they want.

I mean, shouldn’t we already know what they need… without asking?

No, not everything.

Don’t you like it when someone asks what you WANT – what you’re looking for from a product or service?

Of course you do and your customers are no different.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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