How Important is NETWORKING in My Cleaning Business?

First of all, you can relax – I realize not everybody likes networking. It’s understandable.

That’s right, for many people, the very idea of going up to a complete stranger and introducing themselves – feels about as ‘natural’ as a root canal. ouch!

But don’t give up on networking just yet.

To start with, if you’re not a ‘natural’ at it – don’t feel bad, you’re in good company – most aren’t.

The good news is though – effective networking skills in a janitorial business or house cleaning maid service are something that can be developed – over time.

Like the tortoise and the hare – good things can come to those who set a goal and then slowly but surely move towards it.

In fact, if you talk to someone with a reputation as a NATURAL networker, you might be surprised to hear

what they have to say about that reputation.

That’s right, they’re likely to say – it was NOT always easy or comfortable for them to meet people.

They might, in fact, say they were quite shy and nervous to begin with – but that they learned to overcome their fear over time.

That’s right, they’re likely to explain how it took countless ‘trial and error’ efforts, ‘stops and starts’, ‘attempts and failures’ to get better at it.

They might also have some ideas about what they learned along the way.

For example, they might one secret they learned was – to be more interested in the other person than in promoting themselves.

They might go on to say another key to networking is to develop a genuine interest in other people.

By the way, can you be successful in a commercial or residential cleaning company or really any business – without becoming a good networking?

Yes, I suppose – but it can sure make it a lot easier and the trip to the top a lot faster if you do develop that skill.


Because, we all need people – all kinds of them.

The cleaning business is no exception.

– We need to keep and find business partners, managers and employees.

– We need to find and keep loyal customers and suppliers.

And networking is really just the process of pro-actively meeting, connecting and developing positive relationships with others.

It’s a good thing – but you don’t have to be good ‘at it’, at least not right away.

Remember, the ‘Tortoise and the Hare – slow and steady wins the race.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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