How Target Marketing Can Help YOUR Cleaning Business

How can I get more BANG for my marketing dollar?

It’s a question we hear a lot.

And it’s a fair question considering how expensive it can be to implement an advertising campaign.

Ok, here’s an IMPORTANT strategy to remember:


What’s that?

Well, it’s the strategy of deliberately narrowing down the list of prospects you’re going to pursue in order to minimize costs while maximizing response.

How does it work?

Well, let’s say you want to clean office buildings.

You might say, your target market would be – any business office in your area.

But, aggressively marketing to that broad of a group could quickly become very expensive.

Stunned by the expense, you might surrender – opting to use cheaper, less effective, advertising methods – or stop marketing altogether.


If you want to have an effective, ongoing, prescheduled marketing system in place and one you can afford – you’ll need to whittle your list down to

a select group!

So, rather than your target being ‘any business office in your area’ – you’d be better off with something like – 5,000 – 25,000 sq. ft. medical, professional and manufacturing building located within 45 miles, with 5 – 50 employees requiring 3 – 5 nights/week cleaning

You might be wondering, ‘So, how do I get that list?’

Well, several ways…

There are online business listing companies who offer to breakdown companies by:

1) type of business,
2) number of employees, or
3) distance from your office

From that list, you can call or have someone call for you – to find out:

1) if they use a cleaning company,
2) how often they currently get cleaned/week
3) who makes the decisions about cleaning.

By narrowing things down, you not only get a list of prospects more likely to respond to your offer, but a marketing budget you can live with as well.

In an earlier blog, I mentioned a line from the movie, Patriot, in which the character played by Mel Gibson gives advice to his sons about trying to hit their target using a rifle – Aim small, miss small.

Today’s message of precise target marketing follows the same philosophy.

Here it is in a nutshell.

When you need every dollar you spend on marketing to be as cost effective as possible (and shouldn’t that be all the time?!), you want to deliberately narrow down your list of prospects.

Only the biggest companies can get away with a broad, ‘shot gun’ marketing approach for their product or service – and even they better be careful they don’t run out of ammo!!

Be smart – make every one of your ‘bullets’ count!

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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