How to Bid Cleaning Jobs More Accurately

It’s hard. When you bid on a cleaning job, one you really wanted, but don’t get it – it’s really hard.

But, remember this – you’re not alone; not by a long shot. It’s happened to me and plenty of others, many times.

So, don’t despair.

Plus, some ‘good’ can come from experience – IF we use it as a chance to learn how to bid ‘better’, more accurately.

Here are some ‘things’ that can help:

By way of full disclosure – our company offers janitorial bidding software, programs we feel are very effective and user friendly.

However, in the end, while we believe janitorial bidding software, including your own, can be a valuable starting point and useful ‘bidding, pricing and proposal’ path to follow – it shouldn’t be the entire trip or destination.

What it needs to work best is two things – insight and input from the person bidding.

Put differently, janitorial bidding software is a platform, a bidding tool; one that works best when…

…the user enters actual measurements, changes task schedules and updates wage and expense settings to reflect THE job, THEIR city and THEIR cleaning business requirements.

Here’s why:

While I wish bidding software could always know – the price each prospect is ready to pay in every location –
it can’t.

And, while I wish bidding software could know exactly how much you should charge based on your location, your geographic location and your company’s pay rate and expense percentages – it can’t.

However, the good news is: software can help – a lot.

And, today, we simply want to ‘things’ you can do – like updating measurements, item counts, expense percentages and task wording in the bidding software program CAN dramatically increase the accuracy of your bid.

That’s right, better reflecting your company and the building you’re bidding on.

For example, you can change everything from ‘wages’ and ‘total time’ to the overhead and profit settings.

This editing or customization can help to reflect your staff’s cleaning productivity or details regarding the actual building, prospect or competitors involved.

Other factors affecting price can include: 1) making sure the measurements loaded accurately reflect the actual cleanable area, and 2) confirming the actual duties (tasks) reflect included in the job specifications required for that building owner or manager.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t an easy ‘one size fits all’ answer to bidding/pricing cleaning jobs.

But, we believe strongly in – the increasing value and competitive advantage of using janitorial software – combined with important changes users of that software can make to reflect their particular location or company requirements.

Remember… You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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