How to Deliver NOTICEABLE Cleaning

Where do we go from here?

Last time, we highlighted the fact that customers are delighted – when they NOTICE the difference in the cleaning.

So, how can we create a steady stream of those delightful moments – when customers NOTICE the cleaning?

Well, here’s our answer:

Implement a NOTICE-able cleaning strategy.

Here’s how:

First, is to create a clear, sharp, NOTICE-able difference between

the way something looks ‘before and after’.

Second, consider laying out a cleaning schedule made up of regular or touch-up cleaning followed by – an intense, shot-in-the-arm dose of detail cleaning.

-how about the offices going from ‘tired to TERRIFIC’ by giving the place a complete, detail cleaning on Friday.

That’s right, completely wiping down, not simply dusted – picking up phones and files so you can get it all wiped clean along with the vents, partition glass and sides of the trash cans.

– or how about the kitchenette going from ‘fine to FANTASTIC’ by going way beyond regular cleaning to NOTICE-able Cleaning on Fridays.

That’s right, thoroughly wiping down all cabinet doors, legs of tables and chairs, PLUS leaving out a small vase of fresh flowers on the main kitchen counters saying with a note saying “Have A Great week! … from your friends at XYZ Cleaning”!

– or how about the carpet going from ‘average to AWESOME’ by vacuuming everything wall to wall including under the desks and behind doors on Fridays

PLUS maybe even showing the uniform vacuum lines (depending on the carpet)

PLUS leaving a pleasant scent by applying a light mist of carpet or upholstery deodorizer.

Would your customer NOTICE that kind of cleaning on a Monday morning?

…Yeah, I think so too.

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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