How to Implement NOTICE- able Cleaning – Profitably

Ok, here are my final notes on NOTICE-able Cleaning – how you can efficiently, consistently and profitably deliver it.

You’ll need to make two shifts. A shift in thinking and a shift in hours.

You need a shift in thinking because you need to not only accept the idea of creating NOTICE-able cleaning makes sense, but that it’s worth the initial challenge and awkwardness of actually implementing it.

And that’s how precisely how I suggest you start – by trying it out in one or two buildings as a test – to see for yourself how it works and how well it works!

So let’s assume you’ve already performed a test for long enough to convince you of its benefits.

Now, let’s explain the shift in


This shift is essentially a redistribution of the total hours available for the job/week.

For example, you may want to look at cleaning most nights with a ‘basics only’, ‘touch-up’ or ‘lite cleaning’ approach in mind.

Why? drum roll please…

… to be able to ‘afford’ the hours needed for the BIG, labor intensive DETAIL cleaning night – that can deliver the NOTICE-able Cleaning effect!

Let’s see what this might look like.

A building having a total of 18 hrs./week of cleaning available to meet budget might consist of:

Three (3) hours Mon-Thurs ‘basics only’ cleaning, and Six (6) hours of DETAIL cleaning scheduled on Friday.

Here’s a couple important things to remember.

Implementing this strategy isn’t easy – again, nothing worthwhile ever is.

* Trying to ‘trim’ the cleaning hours from some nights to ‘find’ the hours needed for the big, DETAIL night – isn’t easy.

*Trying to ‘fill’ or ‘staff up’ a building with qualified cleaners a few hours most nights – and LOTS of hours on the BIG detail night isn’t easy either.

*Same goes for trying to find a way to clean a building on the ‘basics only’ nights that still delivers a result customers not only find acceptable, but appreciate.

None of these are easy – BUT, the question is

‘What is the it worth to have a strategy in place that REGULARLY creates moments of DELIGHT from delivering cleaning results customers – NOTICE?

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with wanting your customers to NOTICE your cleaning – the results of you and your staff’s hours of tireless work.

Your customer wants to be delighted with you and your cleaning company.

Please read that again.

But if your current strategy is leaving clients bored, cold and only calling you to complain, then maybe, just maybe – you need a NEW strategy.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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