How to Start a Cleaning Business is Easy Compared to THIS!

I read an article recently suggesting – America’s love affair with cars is over.

It offered all sorts of reasons; everything from young ‘millennials” more interested in ‘apps than autos’– to bike sharing and new mass transit systems.

Whatever the reason – it points out just how much is changing – EVEN big, sacred cow business ideas and industries thought immune to change.

We’re no strangers to change in our own industry – cleaning.

From on-demand services offered by online retail giant to the rise of Uber-esque cleaning outfits, leveraging the growing pool of independent ‘1099’ contractors – things are changing.

How much will last? What new strategies will work? Which old cleaning business strategies will still apply?

No easy answers, but here’s some things to keep in mind.

The answer to whether an OLD strategy will work or a NEW strategy will work, will depend on –

… whether prospective clients find the service valuable.

Not very original, not very exciting, but, definitely worth considering because, here’s the ‘takeaway’…

…focusing on the principle of offering convenience, reliability, quality, and top notch customer service – as well as a trustworthy, trained and supervised cleaning staff – is timeless.

Only time will tell which marketing/buying models will work in cleaning, and which won’t.

However, working TODAY to deliver a consistently delightful ‘client experience’ by working ON our service WITH our staff – may be the best strategy to prepare for the changes of TOMORROW, whatever they may be.

And, that’s a solid strategy, regardless if it’s OLD or NEW.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!


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