Is It Still Who You Know Part II

Last time we talked about how tough it is out there – you know, the fast changing, competitive world we live and work in today.

We saw how our prospects and customers are under pressure like never before to get their professional contract cleaning services outsourced at lower and lower prices.

And, we left off suggesting that while we may not ‘pull the knobs’ and ‘push the buttons’ to change global trends; we still have the opportunity in our own world, our cleaning company, to to take steps to respond proactively.

What steps? Well, here are a few:

– Taking advantage of technology
(bidding, accounting, quality control, timekeeping etc) to level the playing field with competitors!

– Using labor saving methods, chemicals and equipment – such as day cleaning, team cleaning, microfiber technology and back pac vacuuming systems to deliver cleaning at prices 1. customers will find acceptable want, 2. will still provide you with enough cleaning hours to deliver quality service and yes

, 3. make a fair profit!

– Creating proper positioning: Pulling in profits by positioning yourself as an expert one or more strategic cleaning niches!

– Automating the marketing process – including sequential mailings to keep your name, and brand identity, in front of the building owners and property managers at every one of your targeted buildings!

– Capitalizing on every operational control available – such as automated timekeeping, online communication portals and quality control inspection systems to keep hard won accounts profitable, and clean, every single month!

– Identifying successful pricing strategies that recognize the sensitivity of decision makers to different kinds of services. For example, while monthly general cleaning prices may have to be ‘sharp pencil’, tile maintenance and add-on carpet cleaning work may offer opportunities for healthier profit margins and less resistance.

– Building the sale! While the profit you make on any one product or service you offer may not thrill you, if offered as a package, the total sale of multiple services (and products) may greatly surprise you.

So what, if the easy days of simply getting ‘the nod’ from your business friend may be gone forever, even better days can lie just ahead of you. Simply take a step back, look at the realities in your cleaning business, the one with all the competition and challenges, decide on a plan and get to work.

And remember this, the next time you need a laugh:

Some day, others may shock you by suggesting that these were the good old days in the cleaning business!?!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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You're welcome Mark, good to hear from you! Thanks for kind words, and hope you're doing well, Dan

Mark E Baird

As always, great advice! Thank you for your contributions.