It’s What You DO When You DON’T Get the Cleaning Job

What good could come from NOT getting the cleaning job you’re bidding on? Well, plenty. That’s right, sometimes it’s not whether or not you get the job – it’s how you handle yourself no matter which way they decide.

Watch this fast paced video where Dan shares a story about how the way a business owner treated them – and how it cost that person any shot at working with them in the future.  Then, Dan will explain why you want to handle rejection the right way – and finish up by giving you several practical strategies for turning initial rejection into ultimate success.

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Thanks for watching our video – When You DON’T Get The Cleaning Job! and be sure to check out our video, How to Spot a HIGHLY Productive Cleaning Business Owner!, where Dan tells about a crazy story he heard on radio that illustrates how a man used a variation of the productivity technique to win a car – and then gives a practical example of how you can create a daily schedule that will help you get a whole lot more done – a whole lot faster in your cleaning company.

Plus, we hope you continue to check out Dan’s weekly videos in the future to hear his latest ideas, tips and strategies ‘concerning things you’re concerned about’, such as how to bid cleaning jobs profitably. You’ll quickly discover practical keys about what it really takes to flip a cleaning company from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?


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Thanks Willem, I'd very much enjoy meeting you as well. Wishing you all good things, Dan

Willem Flach

Hi Dan Another great video with a pertinent message. How we act when we win says something about us, but how we act when we lose says everything about us. Many times we will lose a bid on price. My response is always, “I understand, everyone has a budget that they must meet. Would it be okay if we stay in touch. On many occasions clients will call us a few months later when the cheaper option failed. Dan, I wish you and your family a very successful and profitable 2022 I look forward to meeting you personally in 2022 or 2023. Willem.


Thanks for the information really helpful we come to the come back but I’m space