Janitorial Business Key: Measuring

Ever went to a building to take measurements so you could figure out how much to charge for a carpet cleaning or tile job?

Ever had to go back a second – or third time?

Yep, it can happen – it used to happen to us.

But not anymore, or at least very, and I mean very, rarely.

Here’s why:

We painfully learned to take the time to measure properly and accurately – the first time.

That’s right, in our first visit, if we’re not sure of a measurement we took, well, we’ll go measure it again. period.

So, be sure to take full advantage of your first measuring walk through of a building.

Here’s how:

Slow things down – so you get only the most accurate info to load into the workloading and bidding software.

I admit it -we hope cleaning business owner consider using CleanBid bidding software, and think it’s the best bidding program around, BUT, whatever you use, you’re going to want to

enter accurate data!


The good news is when you take the time to create an accurate list of detailed measurements, floor types and fixture counts, you’ll have an incredible reference tool to help you do two important things:

1. Create an accurate and professional bid proposal.

2. Quickly and easily be able to calculate prices for ‘project work’ or ‘one-time job’ requests like carpet cleaning or tile stripping and refinishing jobs.

That’s right, when the last minute, emergency call comes – asking for a price to scrub and recoat the waxable tile hallways and lunchroom, you’ll be able to quickly calculate a reasonable and profitable price.

And, something just as important, as long as they haven’t had any remodeling, you’ll be able to trust that your measurements are ‘good’.

And that’s important, because when you’re not sure, you know what happens…

That’s right, you, or someone in your company has to make a separate trip out to that building to re-measure.

What a waste of time and gas!

Time that could have been used for any number of things – like training, inspecting or selling…

So, follow the carpenter’s motto ‘measure twice – cut once’ so you can get ‘build’ (hehe) your company efficiently and profitably -and that’s no joke.

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