Janitorial Business: The ONE-Word Secret to Getting Testimonials

Everybody wants them, but not everybody has them. What’s that? Well, testimonials. And if you’re in the cleaning business, you know just how valuable it can be to have a number of glowing testimonials about your ability to consistently deliver superior service. So, if we all agree on that, then why do so few janitorial businesses have them or at least as many as they would like.

Watch this short video and you’ll not only learn the one-word secret to getting testimonials, you’ll discover a strategy of how you can practically count on getting them consistently. Before you’re done watching this episode we’ll reveal not only learn the one-word secret to getting testimonials, but a strategy of how you can practically count on keep getting them as well!

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Thanks for watching our video Your Janitorial Business and Direct Mail: How to Stay within Arms Reach of Your Prospects but also be sure to check out our video, How Often Should Janitorial Businesses Contact Prospects? where we reveal our specific time recommendation for keeping in contact with your janitorial prospects.

Plus, we hope you continue to check out Dan’s weekly videos in the future to hear his latest ideas, tips and strategies ‘concerning things you’re concerned about’, such as how to bid cleaning jobs profitably. You’ll quickly discover practical keys about what it really takes to flip a cleaning company from painful to profitable. Want to flip yours?


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Hi Tonia, thanks for your kind comment. Currently, Dan is not able to offer an in person seminar. He and his business partner Tony focus on designing and programming additional software features for CleanGuru Members. However, here are some resources we do offer that you may want to helpful and want to consider. 1. ALL of our 'Flip My Cleaning Business From Painful to Profitable' video tips are located online in the BLOG section/tab of CleanGuru.com, free; creating a 'virtual library of relevant videos' for cleaning business owners. 2. Our book, Discover the Guru in You , The 7 Insider Secrets to Finding, Landing and Keeping Profitable Cleaning Jobs which is generally available through Amazon.com for $20 or less, plus shipping. Plus, here are four (4) key marketing strategies to consider 1. Decide on who you want to clean. Rather than a broad, shotgun approach, we suggest cleaning businesses target a certain type of building or customer ( i.e. medical and professional offices that require 3-5 nights per week cleaning that can be performed in the evening after 5 PM.) 2. Once, you determine who you want to clean, we suggest you build a list of companies that meet that criteria. There are many ways to do this such as using online business list services. 3. Next, you can call each location to determine the name of the person or persons responsible for hiring the cleaning service at the buildings on your list. 4. Then, we recommend you begin to send a series of powerful direct-response marketing pieces to the attention of the decision maker (the person in charge of hiring the cleaning service) at the businesses on your targeted list, following a preset schedule. The creation of the powerful messages, including Measurable Guarantees of Performance, and proper formatting of the necessary elements of an effective marketing piece are some of the most important, yet challenging, parts of the process. We worked hard to make sure our marketing message was much more powerful than 'We are bonded, licensed and insured.' As you can imagine, there is a great deal that goes into effectively implementing the steps and strategies above, but we hope you find the information provided above useful. Best regards, Matt CleanGuru Support 888-531-4878 M-F 9AM-5PM EST

Tonia offor

Awesome I haven’t really thought about this Thanks Do you sometimes have like a seminar or something,I’m from Nigeria in west Africa