Knowing WHEN to Say NO in Your Cleaning Business

We mostly think of saying YES as the way to growing a successful cleaning company. ”

And, YES, it is important, saying Yes that is – to certain opportunities, jobs or people.

But, of course, the same thing goes for NO – that’s right – for turning down certain opportunities, jobs or people.

The trick then – is knowing WHEN to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’.

Here are (2) two questions you can ask yourself the next time you’re wondering which answer will be best for your cleaning business, long term.

#1 Will the opportunity, job or person fit in well with your company values, rules and culture.

Taking on an employee or job that will be at odds with your corporate culture can do exponentially more damage than you might think.

So….can one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?

Yes, apparently it can. That’s right, seems one bad apple spoils nearby apples by releasing a hormone that speeds up the ripening, and yep, ultimately over- ripening!

In a similar way, one bad client, vendor or employee, left unchecked, can ‘spoil’ other members or your team.

#2 Will the opportunity, job or person move you toward or away from your goals?

Put differently, will having that new client or team member be a ‘constant drag or valuable step’ in reaching your short and long term goals.

For example, taking on endless jobs that don’t fit the targeted kind of work you’d like to build your company on, at best – sets you back further from creating the cleaning service you were trying to create and, at worst, can keep you from ever getting there.

In some ways, opportunities, jobs and people can be seen as ‘assets or liabilities’.

Learning when to say NO to certain opportunities, jobs or people can help keep you out of trouble and moving forward steadily towards your goals.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,



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