LABEL Everything in Your Cleaning Business! – Part 2

Ok, so let’s pick up where we left off last time.

If you remember…

I had just bleached the carpet in a main executive office of one of our biggest customer’s buildings.

And, also, if you remember,

we were cleaning this carpet because our customer had VIP’s coming in the morning!

And, finally, if you remember,

the carpet looked horrible… actually ‘ruined’ some of the brown carpet was now bleached ‘yellow’ – while other areas were still brown carpet…

…creating what I would describe as “a huge, swirling mess of yellow and brown!”

….which by the way, on a side note, made me feel like I didn’t spray the ‘protectant’ on the right way… but that’s another story…lol… anyway…

Yeah, so THAT about sums it up.

Ok, so after the initial shock wore off… here’s what we came up with…

I bet you won’t guess AND by the way, I DON’T recommend this. It’s simply what two young, tired, inexperienced guys, new to the cleaning business came up with – at 1 AM:

We decided to try to ‘go back over’ the carpet with the extractor….

using a bleach water solution… in an effort to… you guessed it… create an evenly, yet uniformly bleached look!

No kidding.

And I’m certainly not recommending it, but to be honest, it “sort of” worked.

The reason I say ‘sort of’ – is because you couldn’t hide the fact that something was at the very least, different… but not necessarily ‘bad’ different.

By the time we were done, it was certainly a different color than the rest of the carpet in the hall etc…

BUT, if you looked at just the carpet in just that one office, on its own, well, it looked well, I’d say… evenly ‘yellow!!’

Ok, stop laughing, actually, don’t… we deserve it.

I’m not making excuses, and we certainly ‘owned up’ to the mistake by calling first thing in the morning to explain and apologize.

The story remarkably ends with the customer actually – incredibly, being understanding… saying, if I remember correctly, that…

‘It didn’t look THAT bad, just ‘very clean’ or something.

We offered to do whatever was necessary to ‘make things right’, but in the end they said, if you can imagine this….NOT to worry about it.

God bless them.

Ok, I can’t leave without at least repeating the lesson we learned from that experience ‘Label Everything’!

You have to know for certain what’s in every container in your warehouse or the janitorial closets in your customers’ buildings.

Discover the Guru in You,


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Thanks Josephine, Dan

Josephine Cajti

I imagine how you feel Dan it also happens to me too when i first started with the cleaning business...