Leveraging Janitorial Software

We quickly and clearly see the value of leveraging – when we buy better, faster cleaning equipment.

It’s hard to miss the opportunity a new, highly efficient wide area vacuum or large automatic scrubber represents –

….especially when you picture it in the hands of, not just the night crew, but the day porter and weekend staff as well.

LEVERAGE – in this case — many people getting value from one tech upgrade!

Well, the same thing CAN apply to janitorial software if you look for the right features.

Here are two BIG things to look for:

Mobile and Multiple User.

Using a cleaning business software that’s cloud based, allows you to leverage the utility of that technology – beyond your office laptop/desktop.

For example, using an app to access the software on your Smartphone or tablet – when you’re out of the office – LEVERAGES the value of the investment.

Next, using janitorial software that lets you to set up multiple users ‘SUPERcharges’ (leverages) the value of the programming, beyond one – to MANY.

Ideally, you’ll be able to set up unique permission levels by user; allowing you to easily control levels of access on administrative level.

In the end, janitorial software is a tool – which like many valuable tools, is one that can be LEVERAGED to bring utility to you – the cleaning business owner – through the features of mobility and ‘multiple user’.

Remember… You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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