Maintain Forward Motion

My father, now nearly 90 years old, always says to me, ‘Don’t worry Dan, just keep trying do your best everyday, and you’ll be fine.’


Really, I mean what in the world is that supposed to mean?

It seemed sort of dumb – or at least obvious.

I never even knew what it really meant, it was so general, so old fashioned to say ‘Just keep trying your best everyday- and things will work out!’

I mean, come on dad – get with it!


Well maybe not.

Yeah, you see lately, I’m beginning to get what he’s talking about.

That’s right – I’m here to admit it, I’m beginning to believe he’s ‘on to something’.

(Oddly enough…he’s getting smarter as I get older. Weird, huh?)

Truth be told – he was

right on the money about a very important principle – specifically, to keep moving forward, steadily every day. Learn from your mistakes, but above all else – maintain forward motion in you cleaning business.

Don’t let wanting to do get things just right or perfectly slow you down from getting things done – actually moving forward every day.

That’s right – do something. Do it today.

So many times we want to get everything ‘just so’ before we begin making changes to our janitorial businesses.

But, here’s the thing:

It’s better to start doing the things we know we should – than to wait, because we may just end up waiting forever; and, it doesn’t matter if we end up making a lot of mistakes in the process.

Failing and making mistakes isn’t the problem – not moving steadily forward, or even stalling completely, is the problem that can really take a toll or our commercial cleaning or maid services businesses.

Not making decisions is the problem. Not taking action is the problem.

Whether it’s improving our relationships, our personal health, or our cleaning companies, getting started and moving steadily ahead each day – is the key.

Bottom line: Don’t wait forever- just to avoid making mistakes. Instead, accept that you’re going to make mistakes.

In some ways, the sooner the better, so you can learn from those mistakes and get that much closer to your goal.

Keep moving forward. It won’t always be in a straight line, but keep moving forward.

In a nutshell, as my dad says ‘just keep trying your best every day, you’ll be fine.’

I can’t believe he’s right again. Ugh. I can only hope I get the chance to drive my kids crazy by telling them the same thing!

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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