Make Multiple Offers To Build Your List

Sometimes, even after your best marketing efforts, property owners and building owners still, just aren’t ready to decide.

So, do you simply throw up your hands, admitdefeat and hope to catch ’em next time? You know the answer is, of course, NO.

So, what can you do to keep from “losing” these folks?; the ones who took the time to checkout your letter… but weren’t interested enough to act on your offer – give you a call?

Well, you can begin by

 including multiple offers in your marketing.

Here’s why.

Multiple offers provide more than one way for your prospects to “raise their hand” and say “I’m interested!”

Responding to one offer may have the prospect saying ‘I’m interested and, YES, I want a proposal NOW!’

However, responding to another may simply say, ‘I’m interested, but want to learn more about your company before I go so far as to ask for a bid.’

What would an offer like that look like?

Well, here’s an example….

“If you’d like to learn more about our cleaning systems before having us put together a cleaning proposal for your building – just visit our website, give us your first name and e-mail address to you sign up for our FREE e-newsletter “The Secrets To Consistently Superior Office Cleaning!”,

…plus we’ll send along some first hand testimonials from companies just like yours.”

From then on, at least you have ‘captured’ their contact information, and gotten them to ‘raise their hand’ and taken action… by giving you permission to communicate with them!

And that’s worth a lot!.

As you communicate with these ‘folks’ who decided to take you up on your ‘lower commitment OFFER’ of simply… more information, you will find you’re able to eventually turn some/many of these prospects into customers as they get to know you better.

So, make multiple offers to give your prospects several ways to respond; ways that match their level of interest, and in doing so, build a better list of businesses who are interested, but not quite ready to completely ‘take the plunge!’

The good news is, the more they hear from you, the sooner they’ll be ready to follow your offer to “Jump in!” – and call you to ask for a bid!!

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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