Making Cleaning Prospects Decide, Part 2

Last time, we talked about WHY so many prospects seem to ‘drag their heels’ in deciding whether to hire you or not.

You know the ones; they give you every excuse in the book for why they’re not quite ready to change cleaning companies – even though they really love the bid proposal you put together for them!?


Well, again as we discussed before – people dont like change; but, you don’t have to helplessly sit there.

Here are three (3) specific strategies to get your prospects to ‘pick up a phone and decide’ (hopefully to hire you!).

The first strategy is – give them an INCENTIVE.

In other words, give them a

reason to act now, decide NOW, rather than later.

A powerful business saying suggests – Reward that which you want done!

Makes sense, right?

So, for example, if you ran an appliance store and wanted the salespeople to aggressively sell the new models of stoves – you could offer special, high commissions on every one they sell!

The result? Yep, soon, the new stuff is ‘flying off the shelves’ – the result of specifically targeted, motivated salespeople.

It’s human nature. You can try to fight it – but you’re likely to lose.

So, what about cleaning? What kind of an incentive could you offer to motivate your prospects to ‘get off the fence’ and decide to hire you?

Well, here’s a couple examples, you could offer:

– Free stripping and refinishing of all waxable tile if they call back within 2 weeks of you delivering the proposal – to arrange a date for your work to begin.

– or FREE initial cleaning of all office areas if they call back within 2 weeks of you delivering the cleaning bid to arrange a convenient start date.

You get the idea; a compelling incentive or reason -to make the change.

Ok, now, here’s the second strategy is – Have a DEADLINE!

That’s right, when you give a restriction on how long an offer, like the ones above, are good for, you create two very important things

– a SENSE of URGENCY and a FEAR of LOSS!

And those two ‘things’ can inspire your prospects to take action NOW, rather than later.

And finally, here’s a third strategy to get your prospects to make up their minds and take action….

Create LIMITED supply!

That’s right, when you create, and promote, a limited supply of something, you naturally ‘fuel the flames’ of your buyer’s desire for your product or service.

The appeal of the Mona Lisa isn’t just that it’s a nice painting – it’s also that there’s only one.

The appeal of front row seats isn’t because they’re super-comfortable seats, it’s that there’s so few.

So, if you can create a sense of ‘limited supply’ of ‘spots available’ for you ‘taking on new clients’ on in your cleaning business – well, you may able to compel your prospects to act, to decide.

Let me give you an example…

At times, in our cleaning business, we became very busy taking on new clients.

So busy in fact, that each week of the next month and a half of our calendar was nearly full of scheduled trainings, handling new account start ups.

I happened to mention this to a prospect once – that ‘if they were interested in hiring us’… he should let me know as soon as possible since I only had one week still open/available in the next month for taking on a new client.

What do you think happened?

That’s right, he took it – in fact, he jumped at the opportunity.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Think about how you can use the three strategies of incentives, deadlines and limited quantity in your janitorial or residential house cleaning business.

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