Making Cleaning Prospects Decide

You’ve done everything right.


learned what the building owner or manager wants

put together your proposal highlighting why your cleaning business is uniquely able to deliver what they want using powerful systems, procedures etc.

met with your contact or contacts several times to build rapport, promote your program and overcome objections

developed a cleaning plan that addresses their budget concerns as well as their cleaning concerns

put them in touch with current satisfied customers willing to speak to the quality of your staff and work

Everything seemed to go as planned, so…

WHY the HECK haven’t they

called back with answer?!

Yeah, why haven’t they called to give you the ‘green light – the ‘go ahead’??

It can be maddening! I mean, what’s the problem?

If you’ve been in the business any period of time, you already know the excuses prospects give can be endless:

‘We still need to look it over a little bit more closely …before we decide.’

‘We still have another manager to run it by… before we decide.’

‘We’re still waiting for a couple more bids to come in…before we decide.’

or finally, the old…

‘We’re thinking of giving the current cleaning company once last warning… before making a change.’

Some of these reasons, excuses and delays may be legitimate – many times they’re not.

Many times the reason they’re not calling you is, drum roll please…..


Yep, people hate it – change, that is.

Let’s be honest; in general, we like to keep things – pretty much the way they are.

Want an example?

Ok, let’s look at just one simple example – food.

Ever noticed how many people eat the same foods, at about the same time, at about the same place, in about the same time – nearly every day.

Ok, some don’t, I know, but many/most do (me included).

And changing who will be in charge of cleaning your building – well, THAT can be a BIG change.

It forces your prospect to change a number of things they just as soon not have to bother with such as:

– having to show new personnel around the building – having to issue new security codes

– having to issue new keys or fobs

AND maybe toughest of all…

– having to ‘fire’, terminate, cancel, let go, drop, release, or whatever term you want to use for the painful process of letting go the current cleaning staff…

which, by the way, many of their company’s managers and employees may have gotten to know quite well over the years.

Yeah, ouch!

It’s a lot of potential aggravation for a company to bring in a new cleaning service.

You can and should try to make it as easy and seamless as possible for a new client who is switching over to you – but it’s still a pain.

So, that (resistance to CHANGE) can one reason why your prospect is dragging their heels on making a decision – which is why your phone isn’t ringing.

Next time, we’ll look at what you can do about it.

You Can Do This, You Really Can,


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