Cleaning Marketing Tip: Write Like You Talk

People are always asking what their brochures, flyers or marketing letters should say.

Hopefully, by now, you have a pretty good idea, including:

Powerful Headlines


Measurable Guarantees of Performance

Benefits! Benefits! Benefits!

Strong Calls To Action


But, today – I want to tell you another ‘insider secret’ to get people to read what you write:

Here it is: Write like you talk.

Really, write like you talk.

What do I mean?

Well, basically this: You need to write like you are having a real conversation.

Here’s why…

How much attention do you give a brochure or flyer or letter that uses the same short, cliché ad lines we’ve all heard a million times before?

You know the ones….
-Licensed, Bonded and Insured! Free Estimates!
-In Business Since 1985! Trained Staff!
-Quality Control! Frequent Inspections!

Now, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying any of one of these business expressions are necessarily bad.

They’re not. It’s just that – they’re not good enough!

They’re simply too tired, old, overused and worn out.

And maybe worst of all, in today’s super fast paced world of short attention spans, overloaded mail boxes filled with piles of advertising messages…

It takes something different to cut through the clutter!

Like what?

What could reach through the static and the noise to grab your prospect’s ‘by the collar’ and get his or her undivided attention?

How about: Your unique message in your unique voice?

If you share your unique MGP message with them in a ‘voice’ that sounds the same as a thousand other competitors out there…

they may not hear your message at all!

Using your ‘voice’ means writing like you would talk to someone -and, if you knew it was critically important they hear and understand your message, in this case-

how your company’s solution can fix their company’s cleaning problems.

If you were using you’re ‘voice’, you wouldn’t simply throw out a few standard, catchy phrases like ‘Free Estimates’ or ‘Satisfaction Guaranteed’!


To tell something this important and this real, you’d want, no, need, to take the time to explain:

why you really understand their problem

how you came up with THE answer, and

what they need to do to solve it too

Hiring you’ comes to mind!

So, take your time, make it clear, make it emotional and clear.

Use your own words – write like you talk.

Prospects won’t care about a few grammar or spelling mistakes if they can literally feel you talking to them through the words you write.

Discover the Guru in YOU,



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