Measure to Grow Your Cleaning Business

You already know how important I think it is to workload every office-cleaning job you bid on.

Getting a calculated cleaning time by gathering the actual dimensions, or at the very least, the cleanable sq. ft. of the building is a must.

How else will you be able to determine a number of hours per visit to base your monthly price on –one that’s competitive AND gives your cleaners enough time to clean – properly?

That alone is reason enough for going through a building to record the measurements.

But, the good news is – you get even more ‘bang for your buck’ for the time you spend measuring.

That’s right, here’s the other added value and it’s BIG.

To explain, let me tell you what happened to me one day on a building walk-through.

And the thing I’ll tell you right now, is it’s not at all unusual – in fact, I heard it all the time.

While I was jotting down measurements, the prospect who was conducting the building tour asked me WHAT I was writing down.

I explained I was gathering information about their building such as measurements – by type of area, (office, conference room etc.) along with recording floor types and number of fixtures (toilets, sinks etc.) in order to workload their building – and calculate how long it would take to clean as agreed in the specifications.

I added that it was the only way I could set a fair and competitive price for their specific building.

Well, she was very impressed, commenting that no cleaning company she had ever given a tour to of the building to before – had ever measured or counted anything!

In fact, she said, ‘They just kind of walked along with her and then left the building without hardly making any notes at all.’

Lesson: You stand out like a real pro when you take the time to record measurements and related building information during your walk through.

In an industry too often labeled with stereotypes of being unprofessional – as well as being lumped together with comments like ‘They’re all the same!’…

measuring a building is a GOLDEN opportunity to break out of the stereotype!

It highlights your attention to detail. It will be obvious.

They’ll quickly know you’re not simply guessing, ‘throwing a dart at a board’ but are instead actually calculating a budgeted cleaning time.

Plus, your prospects will generally project this positive opinion of your approach to bidding style – into an overall positive opinion of your cleaning company.

And that’s a good thing!

Discover the Guru in YOU,


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