MORE Important Than Answers

Getting answers used to be a problem. Not any more.

Now, simply hop ONLINE and one can find a tidal wave of answers to even the most obscure question.

Today, of course, the challenge isn’t finding answers – it’s knowing which answers are the right ones; the ones worth acting on.

Having questions – comes ‘with the territory’ as they say, when you’re running a cleaning business.

Some of the most important questions often have to do with people; how to hire, train, motivate, manage and discipline – people.

It makes sense. In a sense, we’re not really in the cleaning business, but rather, in the

‘finding, hiring, training, motivating and managing of people – who HAPPEN to be cleaning’ business!

So, when it comes to questions about people, our employees, our staff – we want to be particularly careful about the SOURCE of the answers.

Specifically – are they qualified to answer the question?

Sometimes the person providing the answers may be very qualified. Sometimes, not so much.

Our challenge as commercial and residential cleaning owners is to be sure to FIND out by CHECKING them out first – to make sure.

The actions we take about people (HR) are important and can have long lasting consequences (both positive or negative).

Sometimes an online FREE answer from an experienced industry professional can be ‘right on the money’

Other times, the FREE advice can unfortunately be worth – about ‘what you paid for it’; yep, not much.

And, in some cases, you may find you need to pay a professional in a field (i.e.CPA, Attorney) to answer an important question; can be the best money you ever spent.

The hard part is deciding if the person (source) answering is qualified to answer the level and kind of question you’re asking.

Not an easy task – but, worth the effort.

You Can Do This, You REALLY Can!


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