Never Hear Your Price Is Too High Again

WARNING: This e-mail is LONG, but I hope you give it the extra couple of minutes to read, because if it helps you land even just one of the accounts you’ve always wanted – well then, it was worth it!

How’d you like to never hear “Your price is too high!’ again?

Sounds too good to be true, I know, but hear me out for a minute, and see if you don’t agree it might just be possible – if you know how!
Let me explain.

Nothing is more frustrating than to put tons of work into a getting all the information you need for a janitorial bid, putting a sharp pencil to your price, only to hear a week later –

‘Sorry, your price was too high – we went with someone else!’ Ugh!

Well, here’s a strategy to help tackle that problem once and for all. Here’s how it works:

First, take more

time up front with the prospective client. Sit down with them. Learn what they want. Find out what they don’t need done.

And when you get the measurements of the building, take the time to mark down which areas are difficult, and which look easy to clean.

Talk with your client. Slow things down. Then, go back to your office and run the numbers.

Second, arrange to meet with them a 2nd time.

You can explain you need to get one more measurement for your cleaning proposal, or double-check a couple of the measurements in a certain part of the building – whatever; just so you get a chance to sit down and talk again.

And then, explain you need just a minute to go over a few last questions that came up as you were working on their bid.

That’s it – no big deal.

When you meet, sit down and slowly show them all the work you have: your measurements, your summaries, your specs, your time estimates AND then here’s the important part.

Explain to them you understand budgets are more important today than ever so you’d like to: Go ahead and explain how things look now as far as price for their cleaning program – to see if it’s in the budget ‘ballpark’ for them.

You can go on to explain that these are just preliminary figures; nothing is ‘carved in stone’ and that – you can nearly always work on the details of the duties and frequency of a commercial cleaning proposal with a client to come up with a program that meets both their cleaning as well as budget goals.

Then – you tell them where the initial price is coming in at or, at least, the price-range.

IMPORTANT: You want to see if the office-cleaning program and monthly price you’re getting ready to prepare for them not only gives them the cleaning they want, but also, at a price, they were willing to consider – that’s right, you want to get some agreement, be in the ballpark.

Frankly, it is no fun to find out you have prepared a program with a monthly price they are flat out – NOT willing to pay. Better to find out NOW when you still have a chance to work out an alternative cleaning plan.

Makes sense?

Ok, so once you tell them what the price is coming in at you may ask, ‘How does that fit in with what you were expecting budget-wise?’

Then be quiet.

You need to patiently wait for an answer. In many cases, I have found prospective building owners and property managers surprisingly willing to discuss the price issue.

Isn’t it better to deal with any price objection NOW before they look at 3 or 4 other quotes, and simply award it to someone else – without you having a chance to respond?

The worst that can happen is they say, “I’m sorry I can’t, or won’t tell you what were paying.”

Don’t worry – no problem. No need to get defensive.

If this happens, you just calmly explain that – that’s fine, and you will proceed with the plan, using the duties they gave you, or the standard layout you normally recommend for this kind of commercial cleaning project.

But, if instead your prospective client volunteers that your price is fine – in the ball park.; well, then, you’re GOLD!

Now, you know can move forward with confidence.

On the other hand, if they say, “Well, honestly, you’re high; I wasn’t thinking of paying that much”

No problem.

At least, you can work at finding a solution together.

At least you’re still in the game, right?

You Can Do This, You Really Can!


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