While NOT ideal – it used to be, if you had a company vehicle with a few dings and a little rust, you could mostly get by – without facing too much negative reaction from potential clients.

Old cars rusted. Today’s don’t – or at least NOT like they used to.

So, businesses looking to grow in today’s marketplace need to look sharp – consistent, business like.

While NOT ideal – it used to be, if you had a mop and bucket and a handful of business cards, you could probably land enough cleaning jobs to – make it.

There wasn’t as much competition in the ‘old days’

Not the case anymore.

Today offers quick, easy and affordable access to polished marketing and selling tools, websites and technologies.

So, everyone has to step it up – and bring their A game, every day.

Today’s athletes are generally better – often bigger, faster and stronger.
Today’s business environment and customer expectations are higher – often demanding ‘more AND better’ from us.

It’s a lot to ask – but, it’s reality.

Fortunately, today brings new and better tools; resources – far beyond anything we had ‘back then’.

Our challenge is to ‘step up to the plate’ – then meet and surpass these new expectations.


By identifying the best resources, tools and strategies available – and then putting them to work.

You Can Do This – You Really Can,
CleanGuru LLC


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Otis Mosee

I have been receiving your free News Letter (tips) for a couple of years now and have found them helpful. I now want and really need to grow my janitorial business- let me know of all the resources you have for sale so that I can purchase them and really start to grow my business.