Offer Options To Land More Cleaning Jobs!

It’s funny. People like to choose. They like options to pick from.

Ask if they want ice cream – and they say ‘No’.

But ask them if they want a scoop of vanilla or chocolate… and this time, you’re likely to hear them snap back with the flavor of their choice!

Yep, now they’re buying ice cream!

Why? What’s changed?

Well, the ‘offer’ or ‘pitch’ was presented as one of picking from options (vanilla or chocolate), rather than a simple ‘Yes or No’ to the question of whether they want ice cream at all.

And, there’s the lesson:
Take time to think of how you could create options for your cleaning business prospects to pick from.


Well, because, in general, people like


So, how can we apply this ‘option’ idea in marketing our janitorial cleaning services?

Well, of course, by looking at offering a number of options of services to our prospects.

For example, in addition to the 5 day cleaning program they asked for, show a 3 day optional cleaning program on your proposal to them as well.

Or, how about rather than simply stating they will be responsible to provide the consumable poly/paper supplies, ask them if they would like to look at the option of having you track, order and restock these items for them, as an additional service.

Or, how about offering them an optional day cleaning version, as well as, the standard ‘after hours’ version they’re used to seeing. They may have never considered it before, and may be interested, even excited, about the option!

Or, how about having several options to choose from for each kind of extra service you provide such as carpet cleaning, tile maintenance, window cleaning etc.

For example, you could create three optional levels of service for carpet care, maybe Silver, Gold and Platinum, where each higher level offers increasing levels of service.

It takes work to think of and create these optional programs… but it can work wonders!

I mean, who doesn’t like ordering from a menu?

That’s right, we all do. And our cleaning company prospects are no different!

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